Common Decoration Processes: :

SanGlobal offers wide variety decoration methods to meet your needs, including :

  • Tampo One color pad print machine
  • Tampo Vector 2 color Pad Printers
  • Wrap Around Silk Screen Mug Printers
  • Silk screen Pen printers with conveyor system
  • Italian High Speed Laser Engravers
  • Infra Red Deboss/Hot stampers
  • 12 head Automatic Silk Screener
  • 8 head Automatic Silk Screener
  • 2 head Semi automatic Silk Screener
  • 4 head manual Silk Screener
  • Digital Printer
  • Oven Room
  • Epoxy Domer
  • Laminater
  • Plotter
  • Heat Transfer Process
  • Baking oven for steel mugs/bottles
  • Pneumatic Binders
  • Embroidery
  • Deboss and Emboss (for leather material)


The majority of items shown in the catalog use this versatile decorative method. Print up to 8 spot colors.


This is our standard printing option for our bags if a 1 - 6 spot color logo is needed. This process allows for a large imprint.


Our rotary wrap around silk screen imprint system was created for our line of Drinkware. Print one side or two (with the same color) for one low cost.


Creates up to a 4 color process decoration for one low cost. This digital print heat system is used to enhance your artwork. Recommended for our range of bags.


Creates up to a 4 color process decoration under a clear epoxy dome for one low cost. Our digital print system will raise your logo to a new level!


Creates up to a 4 color process decoration for one low cost. Using our digital print system your graphics will shine with this decoration method.


Laser engraving option is best for keychains, metal flashlights and metal pens. Laser logos last for a lifetime.